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MXS6-20; MXS8-20; MXS8-40AS; MXS8-50A; MXS12-20A; MXS12-20; MXS16-20AS
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MXS, Air Slide Table, Cross Roller Guide

Applications that call for precise movement ranging from 10-150mm (1/2-6") typically require a cylinder and a precision guide. The MXS accomplishes this by integrating a cross roller bearing with a guide and two small air cylinders for compact force generation. The MXS is available in six sizes each with set stroke lengths and is standard with auto switch capability. Stroke adjustments are available for extend, retract, or both in ranges of 0-5mm, 0-15mm, and 0-25mm. In addition, there are many other standard options that include, shock absorbers, end lock, axial piping, and buffer.

  • Air slide table
  • Bore size: 6, 8, 12, 16, 20, 25 (mm)
  • Strokes: 5mm to 150mm, depending upon bore size
  • With or without stroke adjuster with or without shock
  • Options: buffer, end lock, axial piping
  • Variety of switches with a variety of wire lead lengths

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