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Xilanh MXQ

MXQ16-75AS; MXQ8-20; MXQ12-40AS; MXQ8-10; MXQ12-40B; MXQ12-30B; MXQ6-20A; MXQ6-50; MXQ6-30; MXQ6-40; MXQ12-20AS; MXQ16-30B; MXS6-10; MXQ12-30AS; MXQ12-75AS.....
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MXQ, Air Slide Table, Recirculating Linear Guide

The MXQ precision slide is ideal for applications requiring closely held parallelism and perpendicular specifications. The table and bearing guide are integrated into one precisely machined part made of hardened stainless steel. This minimizes tolerance stack-up associated with multiple part assemblies, and affords height tolerances of +/-0.05mm. The bearing is a recirculating linear guide in a stainless steel housing.

  • Air slide table w/built-in guide rail
  • Bore size (mm): 6, 8, 12, 16, 20, 25
  • Standard or symmetric styles
  • Adjuster options: rubber stopper, shock absorber, metal stopper
  • Auto switch capable.